August 15th, Monday                         Classes’ Commence

August 20th, Saturday                       Auditions for TNBC, Intermediate / Advanced Ballet

August 27th, Saturday                       2nd Auditions for TNBC, Intermediate / Advanced Ballet

September 3rd Saturday                   No, rehearsals due to Labor Day Holiday

September 5th, Monday                     Labor Day CLOSED

September 10th, Saturday                 3rd of Auditions for TNBC. Intermediate / Advanced Ballet

September 17th, Saturday               Rehearsals

September 24th, Saturday               Rehearsals

October 1st, Saturday                     Rehearsals

October 8th, Saturday                    Rehearsals

October 15th, Saturday                   Rehearsals (ALL INVOLVED)

October 22nd Saturday                   Rehearsals (ALL INVOLVED)

Come to class during HALLOWEEN Week. Prizes for the best and most creative costumes

October 29th Saturday                  Rehearsals (ALL INVOLVED)

November 5th Saturday                 DRESS REHEARSAL (ALL INVOLVED)

November 12th Saturday                DRESS REHEARSAL (ALL INVOLVED)

November 19th Saturday                Rehearsal

November 24, 25, Thursday Friday THANKSGIVING BREAK

November 26th Saturday            Rehearsal  (ALL INVOLVED)

November 27th Sunday              MOVE-IN RAVEN THEATER

December 1st Thursday Rehearsal for Schools Performance

December 2nd Friday                 AM SCHOOLS PERFORMANCE

December 3rd Saturday             TNBC Saturday IS Dress Rehearsal

December 3rd Saturday             TNBC Saturday Evening Performance

December 4th Sunday               TNBC Sunday Matinee Performance

Dec 24st– January 7th Winter Break

January 9th Monday Classes Resume

January 14th Saturday            Auditions for Spring Show

January 16th       <<Monday>> Martin Luther King Day

January 21st   Saturday         2nd Auditions for Spring Show

January 28th Saturday           3rd Auditions for Spring Show

February 4th Saturday          Rehearsal

February 11th Saturday         Rehearsal

February 18th                      Rehearsal

February 20th  Monday        No Class’s Presidents Day

February 25th                      Rehearsal

March 4th, Saturday             Rehearsal

March 11th Saturday             Rehearsal

March 18th, Saturday            Rehearsal  (ALL INVOLVED)

March 20th - 25th, Spring Break

April 1st Saturday                 Rehearsal (ALL INVOLVED)

April 8th Saturday                 Rehearsal (ALL INVOLVED)

April 15th Saturday               Rehearsal (ALL INVOLVED)

April 22nd Saturday              Rehearsal (ALL INVOLVED)

April 29th Saturday              DRESS REHEARSAL (ALL INVOLVED)

May 6th Saturday                DRESS REHEARSAL (ALL INVOLVED)  

May 13th                            Rehearsal  (ALL INVOLVED)

MAY 14th Sunday               MOVE-INTO THEATER  

May 18th Thursday             Dress Rehearsal for School Show

May 19th Friday                 Schools Show “Spring Performance”

May 20th Saturday             AM. Dress Rehearsal at The Raven and Saturday evening  ”Peter Pan

May 21st                           MATINEE  “Peter Pan”

May 25th- 29th                  Closed FFA Parade & Memorial Day     June 10th  Classes END

July 3rd – July 28th, 2016    PERSPECTIVE DATES FOR Summer Dance Camp

                                         CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2016 to 2017

As a reminder although rehearsals say a start date of October and March respectfully all Advanced Ballet dancers should remember that they will start rehearsing on the first Saturday of dance.

Online registration is preferred through our portal window

This year the studio will be open for Walk-in registration on the following days, Wednesday August 10th 3:00 to 7:00pm. And Saturday August 13th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and to purchase dance attire.  Please make an appointment to purchase dance attire.