PLEASE NOTE FAMILY MAX IS FOR UP TO TWO DANCERS!  THE THIRD DANCER is an additional  $100.00 and $50.00 for each added dancer after that in a family. Annual registration/insurance fee per student is $45    Drop-in Fee (1 hour class or less) $15.00    Drop-in Fee (1.5 hour class) $22.50    Drop -in Fee (2 hr. class) $25.00

Student’s are allowed a one time drop-in fee as a trial class which will be applied to tuition if the dancers enrolls in class.

Adult Ballet Dance Card PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE 60 MINUTES CLASSES (Single Class $20.00)  (4 classes $60.00)  (8 classes $120.00)  (16 classes $240.00) Must pay registration/insurance fee of $45.00

** NEW TUITION POLICY**   WE DO NOT BILL Please pay on time if we have to bill a late fee will be added to your account of $45.00.

You now have 24-hour access to view your account information via the NEW Student Portal. The ballet year is based on the ten month school district schedule. Therefore, the same amount is due each month regardless of holidays, school performances, etc.  In the event a holiday falls on your scheduled class day you may make it up in another class during the week at the same level or below.  Upon registration, your student is guaranteed placement in the class for the ENTIRE school year.  A non-refundable registration/insurance fee of $45 per student is due upon enrollment

Our school has two annual performances which performance fees are due by September 1st, 2016 and February 1st, 2017 respectively.  There are no refunds for dropping from performances mid-season.

ADD / DROP CLASSES:  There will be an ADD / DROP Form at the studio. These must be filled out with a 30-day notice to drop classes.  There are NO REFUNDS FOR PARTIAL MONTHS. IF The ADD/DROP FORM IS NOT FILLED OUT YOUR DANCER WILL BE CONSIDERED ENROLLED AND YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BE BILLED. 

CANCELLATION: Healdsburg Ballet reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment and to substitute teachers at its discretion.

REFUNDS:  There will be no refund for voluntary withdrawal or missed classes. We make commitments to others based on your commitment to us. Make-up classes are to be taken at the same level or the level below. *THERE ARE NO DOUBLE DISCOUNTS (Any discount will be applied by a staff member after registration is completed) LATE FEES are $35 and RETURNED CHECK FEES are $40. A 5% discount will be given for the second and each additional sibling unless this conflicts with the double discount policy.

                                                      TUITION 2016 - 2017

We are now accepting Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Please note a 3% fee will be added to all credit card transactions